GGateway exists to contribute to the growth of Gaza’s ICT sector, by expanding its business opportunities and professional capacity. GGateway’s business and social objectives are two halves of a single solution.


GGateway envisions ICT graduates entering a globally connected industry, ready for the opportunities and challenges that await them. GGateway offers the first integrated and commercially sustainable response to Gaza’s ICT employability and business growth challenges.


1. Increase job opportunities
2. Boost local market towards overseas outsourcing
3. Grow ICT businesses at competitive prices
4. Bridge West and East for the Arabic language
5. Create Corporate Social Responsibility
6. Enhance local economy via employment creation
7. Create family incomes and health education
8. Impact on society by youth empowerment
9. Build gateway UNRWA - local private sectors
10. Establish universal model for IT social enterprises


1. Financial sustainability
2. Social delivery
3. Quality commercial delivery
4. Challenge, motivation, capacity building
5. Highly competitive global labour market
6. Long term commitment
7. Stakeholder and donor recognition
8. New business, buyers, and service creation
9. Sector benefit targets
10. Business creativity and innovation


Ethical excellence; Technological innovation; Scientific expertise; Competitive professionalism; Social impact