GHub provides companies with affordable fees and unique resources. It is a unique opportunity to increase freelances business and accelerate their job growth inside the company they are offering their service to. Thanks to GHub freelances can offer their expertise and performance through innovation, grow and improvement.

Dedicated Desk Solutions

Employees working from the GHub can save at least 60% on operations and running costs. Choosing one of GHub dedicated workspace options matches different teams’ sizes for different companies’ needs. Ask for GHub service form.

Freelancers for Customer Acquisition

Save time and costs of recruiting and training new employees. GHub provides you with an affordable pool of experienced freelancers as per needed requirements for websites not only with software development, graphic and design, but also with mobile applications development, data entry, translation and languages. Ask for GHub service form.

Remote Employment Management

Managing employees remotely will be much easier. GHub takes care of that providing a complete set of online solutions to mentor and track distant employees’ progress. Companies can not only grow their core business top talent and coherent results, but also low their costs and time.

Event Room

GHub event room is available for meetings, small seminars and trainings. Freelances can book it per hour.


GHub is proud to provide freelancers with a suitable space, location and number of services. It offers many solutions to work as a freelancer, an entrepreneur, or a remote-employee in a cost effective manner. GHub gives professional quality in a centralised business hub with open collaboration benefits as well as networking opportunities inside GGateway.

GHub Services for Freelancers are the following:

  • Dedicated and shared workspace facilities

  • Freelance capacity building and specialized trainings

  • Freelance career coaching and mentoring

  • Creative work environment and events

  • Club for freelancers

GHub Membership