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The Director of UNRWA operations visit to our Booth in Expotech 2016
Mr. Bo Schack, The Director of UNRWA Operations thankfully visited our booth in Expotech 2016, and he applauded our efforts in outreaching recent ICT graduates.More
GGateway in News
GGateway, the first ICT Social Enterprise in the Gaza Strip, supported by UNRWA and funded by KOICA, allowing graduates in Information Sciences to connect with the global market by selling specific products in the field of new digital technologies, has landed also in Italy. To know more, see the news in the Italian online publication Il Dolimiti in Trento city.
GGateway has been recently presented in Trento, Italy.
GGateway has been recently presented in Trento, Italy, during a meeting between Beatrice Bressan, GGateway Executive Director, Paolo Tonelli, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Training Center for International Cooperation (TCIC:, and Riccardo Bodini, collaborator with the president and the CEO for the management of the European Research Institute&n ..More
GGateway in News
Fast Company, the monthly American business magazine focusing on technology, business, and design, mentions GGateway, together with Gaza Sky Geeks, as pioneer for outsourcing technology services to international companies and organizations to create market opportunities for young talent in Gaza. To know more: ..More