GGateway projects


UNRWA Educational Management Information System (EMIS)

GGateway has provided digitization services for information related to educational facilities in UNRWA Gaza Field Office including facilities maps’ data, hard copy documents, and graph data. This data has been all digitized, verified, and transferred into a relational database for the Educational Management Information System (EMIS). GGateway contributions have included data management functions with data formatting, validation, data sets integration and database structure for educational data sets in the five regional UNRWA Offices. Moreover, GGateway has performed end user training, created training material including manuals combined with simulation videos from the system. The technologies used are: MS.SQL, visual basic, MS.Acess, and Excel.


UNRWA Shelter Database Management Project

GGateway has contributed to the UNRWA Shelter Database Management Project with data conversion and integration for the data sets in the Payment Module/Physical Assessment Module and Tablet Applications data sets. In addition, GGateway has implemented the web and application programming for the unified shelter unit system. The user support provided included training material development and delivery. The technologies used are:  MS.SQL, ASP.Net, MS. Access, and Excel.


SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) UNRWA Reach Project

GGateway has contributed to the SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) UNRWA Reach Project through training materials’ review and editing, including testing training material with real test cases and verification/validation documents. A report on the status progress for each module as well as a verification of the training material with SAP ERP actual system environment have been provided. The technologies used are:  MS. Office, SAP ERP, and Uperform.


UNRWA Camp Improvement Project

GGateway has provided UNRWA with Camp Improvement Project Survey Data automation and cleaning including socio-economic profile data aggregation and validation. The project has data sets preparation and integration for social mapping. Different reports for households profile data tabulation and presentation were realized using the real time and reporting module. Both quantitative and qualitative data analysis were produced for the related indicators. The Technologies used are:  MAXQDA, NoSQL, SQL, Application, and SPSS.


Poverty Survey Automation  

GGateway Poverty Survey Automation has been realized through a tablet and a mobile survey automation, which is including android, and SQL technologies. The automation process has been realized for the socio-economic data automation and mapping. The real time processing includes: cloud servers, data quality assurance services with all the automation process, auto export and import functionalities with JASON and technologies, and different real time user and decision maker reporting functionalities.


GGateway Services


Data Entry Services: 

GGateway provides electronic data entry services from any content such as hand written originals, typed copy, online sources or scanned images. GGateway can also integrate document scanning and business process outsourcing into any project if warranted and a key from image or hard copy, online or in-house.


Data Processing

GGateway can offer complete set of data processing services composed of data conversion from one technology to another, improve data structure to enhance its usability and accessibility, simplify complex data into intelligent information, data cleansing and validation, and finally data formatting and coding.


Database Management and Reporting: 

GGateway uses visual basic, Oracle, Ms. Access, SQL database management for custom application development including anything from a turnkey business application to simply modifying or improving existing processes. One of GGateway consultants can work closely to review client requirements to find efficient solutions. Data base reporting are available to provide data aggregation and summarization, data tabulation and presentation, as well as statistical data analysis and interpretation if needed.


User Support and Training Material Development: 

GGateway records virtually any Microsoft Windows (or web-based application processes) to create a single-source document and learning simulation. Quickly develop and deploy eLearning courses are also available. GGateway ensures consistency with template-based authoring and finally publishes content in multiple formats, including HTML, PDF, PPT, and Word. It is also possible to include the ability to develop user training manuals and training material.

Web-based and Application Development

Through, PHP, SQL, and Oracle, GGateway provides web and application development based on provided design, followed by implementation and testing.

Application User Acceptance Testing: 

GGateway testing services are composed of test data preparation, test case execution, test case result verification, as well as status reporting and matrices collection.