GGateway has a business and social impact through the following five indicators:

1. Impact Sourcing: being part of the global ICT initiative, designed to bring internet-based jobs to disadvantaged communities, its clients create dignifying jobs for people who had few opportunities in life. For each new job created, it’s estimated up to seven additional jobs are created in the surrounding community. Thus, this will help disadvantaged men and women enjoy healthier and more dignified lives through gainful employment.

2. Corporate Social Responsibility: its clients have the opportunity to positively impact their internal agenda and have a greater positive impact on the broader communities on top of the typical business case for outsourcing. GGateway provides materials to help them communicate this to their employees or an external business community.

3. Low Cost Structure: GGateway is an ICT service provider for high quality bi-lingual (English and Arabic) outsourcing at a lower cost structure. In particular, its freelance GHub connects professional freelancers with outsourcing companies making the world a better place. GGateway only works with Impact Sourcing Service Providers that employ people from disadvantaged communities.

4. High level of education and ICT expertise: Last but not least, GGateway benefits from Gaza’s superb educational system and its qualified ICT graduates to the need of outsourcing sector.

5. New technologies and models of IT services can be an invaluable powerful engine for the promotion of the economy in Gaza and outside.