Success Stories

Sara Almasri

Freelancing Trainee

Sara, one of our trainees in the MEPI funded freelancing training program has successfully completed her first job on Mostaql freelancing platform, and received a five-stars rating from her client for her excellent performance and professionalism.

Feras Alsouri

Freelancing Trainee

Feras was one of our freelancing trainees in the MEPI funded Youth Empowerment through Online Freelancing and Remote Employment in Gaza Project. Within less than a month of the training he successfully managed to get his first 3 clients through, one of the biggest and most competitive global online freelancing platforms. Feras mainly specializes in Web Development, and during the training he was very keen to learn how he can use his technical skills to make money through online freelancing.

Feras is currently hosted at GGateway co-working space (GHub) for three months, where he will spend the timing working on his freelancing profile and technical skills with the help of a group of technical and business mentors.